Don't Build Your School Brand Without Us

What does the chapters help in understanding?

  • What does branding entail for schools or other education institutions?
  • What defines a school brand?
    Why do businesses invest in branding?
  • Why should educational institutes invest in branding?
  • Multiple tips and case studies which brings out the framework around the elements / aspects about the brand here
  • Pro Tips, Case studies, Brand stories to understand the notion of a school brand.
  • How is the market segmented?
  • Which segment should the school target and why?
  • What is the process of arriving at a brand positioning strategy for a school?
  • Pro Tips, Case studies, Brand stories to help segment, target and position your school brand.
  • What goes into crafting effective brand communication?
  • What are the benefits of effective and consistent brand communication?
  • Complete roadmap of communication process, channel options and their importance.
  • Pro Tips and Case studies to make the communication process come alive.

What are the various marketing funnels for online and offline channels?
What strategies ought to be used at various stages of the funnel?
Pro tips, case studies make it easier to follow the above strategies.

  • What are the various lead generation channels?
  • What strategies work best in these channels?
  • Tie ups / partnerships that work well to generate leads for admissions.
  • Pro tips, case studies, suggestions that help schools maximize their potential
  • Why is digital marketing so important for businesses today?
  • What are the various forms of digital marketing?
  • What are the strategies to be used in different channels of communication?
  • Pro tips and case studies for easier understanding of digital marketing strategies.
  • What is the process of converting walk-ins to admissions?
  • Ways to improve the conversion rate of walk-ins to admissions.
  • How to handle objections from parents?
  • What should be the closing and post-closing strategies?
  • Pro tips, case studies and various concepts shared on the above concept.
  • Why is it important to measure employee satisfaction?
  • How is this measured?
  • What are the ways to increase employee satisfaction?
  • How do you make the school a ‘Great Place to Work’?
  • How to inspire and engage students to dream big and achieve them?
    Pro tips and case studies on above.
  • Why is parent satisfaction important for a school brand?
  • How do you measure and improve parent satisfaction?
  • How to engage parents a lot more in the school ecosystem?
  • How do you eventually nudge a parent to be an advocate for the school brand?

The authors bring to their writing, cumulative experiences of setting up the complete roadmap of building a school brand, taking into the fold all stakeholders for a school system, be it students, parents, employees and society in general. Interspersed with real-life anecdotes the chapters cover topics such as marketing for lead generation to nurturing the brand to conversion strategies that go into creating a highly engaged community around the brand. After all, the business brass tacks are what makes a school a great place to work and study. It is all about the brand.

The Authors

Rakesh Gupta

Rakesh is a seasoned investment banking and consulting specialist with 15+ years. He has advised over 75+ clients globally across the spectrum on market entry & expansion strategy, business planning, fund raise, M&A. Rakesh has over 500+ investors network globally and has executed 4000 cr+ investments.

rakesh gupta
sumit handa

Sumit Handa

Sumit has 20+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Operations across ITC, Tata Global Beverages, Oakridge International School chain and worked with multiple D2C brands. In education sector, Sumit has consulted 25+ clients across K12 International & CBSE schools, Playschools, Junior Colleges, Online schools and EdTEch companies.

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Don't build your school brand without us by rakesh gupta and sumit handa